Second Hand Preamps


Second Hand BARRACUDA Preamp

3 way outs but with 5 way control on faceplate.

4 kut switches, bass, kick, mids, tops.

5 way volume control, bass, kick, mids, mids in tops, tops.

The BASS section is splitted in low and upper bass.

The TOPS in mids in tops and tops

Features 2 deck inputs, aux & line input, 3 mic level input, 2 fx sends on each mic and 2 on music

1 bass parametric shaper, 2 mids shaper, 1 tops shaper with boost switch

10 band eq, Rec out volume, Headphone section.

I have upgraded the preamp with new IC. Replaced the old noisy LF353 by OPA2134.

Now less noise and distortion. Except that all the rest is untouched.

No noisy/scratchy pots. Fully working.


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Second Hand JTS Preamp

3 Way In Good Condition

Second hand JTS preamp 3 way in good condition

Price 850 Swiss francs plus shipping from Switzerland

Brand New MOSTEC 4 Way

This unit is brand new, has never been used in a dance, less than 1 month old in perfect condition.

Price 1500 swiss francs plus shipping from Switzerland


Tube Modified JTS Preamp

This is the first JTS upgraded and modded with tubes.
Capacitors have been replaced to premium polypropylen and styren film caps.
Opamps upgraded to best avaible Burr Brown OPA2134.
Three high voltage 6H1P valves running @300Volts.
High grade PIO – paper in oil – output caps.
Stereo phono input added.
Upgraded hi/mid parametric sounding sweeter.

Price 1200euro plus shipping



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